The North West Coaching Network provides access to trained and experienced coaches from all member organisations in order to support your performance improvement and personal development.

The Network enables you to match with a trained and accredited coach at no cost to you or your employer. Our coaches have the benefit of public sector knowledge and experience, whilst bringing the independence and broader perspective of an external coach.

We know that many of our members have recognised the benefits of coaching in personal and organisational development. If you are still not sure if coaching is what you really need or your personal development needs then please see to the right under 'Is Coaching Right For Me?'

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Is Coaching Right For Me?

Not sure if coaching is what you really need? Still not sure about your personal development needs?

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We also offer a wide range of coaching services, please view Our Coaching Offer for details.

Please check your Eligibility before completing registration to join the North West Employers’ Coaching Network.