About Us

North West Employers exists to help organisations deliver public services with and for local people that reflect their priorities.

We believe that a highly motivated, productive workforce, together with skilled and supported councillors is key to making that happen.

North West Employers provides a network of support, advice and consultancy on all people matters from human resources policy and practice through to leadership, management development and organisational design and performance.

We believe that coaching is central to improving organisational performance and a vital part of our approach moving forward. It is one of the most powerful development tools available to the public sector.

North West Employers' Coaching Network is a further development of our investment and that of many of our member organisations in continuing to grow our coaching capability in our regions and extending the benefits of coaching in developing individuals and organisations.

We champion coaching within organisations. Follow the links to Personal & Team Coaching and Developing an Organisational Coaching Strategy on our main website.

You can find out more about North West Employers and all our services on our main website Home page.