Client Terms and Conditions

The following guide summarises what is required from you as a client in the Coaching Network:

  • Once you have registered and been accepted as a client of the Coaching Network, you will be given access to the database of coaches and their profiles. You can select a maximum of 1 coach at any one time to approach who you feel can best meet your development needs and are conveniently located.
  • Your first choice coach will be contacted via the Network and you should allow 14 working days for a response. The coach will either confirm your acceptance as a client or explain why they are unable to do so (e.g. unable to meet you needs already committed or travel/ distance is impractical).
  • If your first choice coach is unable to accept you or you do not receive a response within 14 days, you may wish to select another coach until you are able to set up a coaching relationship.
  • Once you are accepted by a coach, s/he will take the lead in arranging your first 'face to face' coaching session to agree your coaching 'contract' i.e. the objectives you hope to achieve and how often/how/where your coaching sessions will take place. The normal expectation is that if travel is required you will travel to meet your coaching. Subsequent options may be explored such as telephone or Skype to minimise travel and costs.
  • We encourage your line manager or sponsor to take an active role in helping you to transfer learning effectively to the workplace by contributing to the shaping of the overall goals of the coaching sessions and reviewing their outcomes. Ideally you will have discussed with your line manager or sponsor the desired goals and outcomes of the coaching and it may well be that this conversation may have led directly to the coaching being sought.
  • You should agree with your coach when your coaching sessions will take place (normally 3 or 4 each lasting an average of 1.5 - 2 hours). The coach will update the Coaching Network database with the dates of your meetings and will also record notes of your meetings in a confidential area.
  • You will be expected to maintain the agreed schedule of coaching meetings and to advise your coach, if for any reason, you are unable to do so.
  • You should focus at all times on achieving your coaching objectives and your individual and organisational development. If you seek to engage your coach in relation to personal, social or other matters, s/he is entitled to terminate the coaching arrangement if s/he does not think that this is relevant to your coaching objectives and/or refer you to other appropriate support or assistance.
  • If at any time you have concerns about the coaching process, you should if possible discuss these in the first instance with your coach. If this is not possible, you can seek advice and assistance from the Coaching Network Co-ordinator. A formal complaints procedure is available but you can choose to terminate the coaching arrangement at any time.
  • If at any stage your employer or your employment status changes, you must inform the Coaching Network Co-ordinator immediately.
  • The coach is bound by a strict Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions particularly relating to the confidentiality of your coaching discussions. You are expected to support and assist the coach in maintaining these standards.
  • At your final coaching session, the coach will conduct a review of progress against your original objectives and, it is recommended that your line manager or sponsor organisation has some input to that discussion. You will also be asked to complete a non confidential evaluation of your coaching by North West Employers and you can, if you wish, submit a recommendation or testimonial for your coach which s/he can add to their profile. Forms can be found in the Resources tab when you are logged in to your account.
  • After completion of your coaching contract, your registration will automatically be cancelled unless you make an application for a further coach and can explain or justify why you feel that this is necessary.
  • After the successful conclusion of your coaching, you are encouraged to update your line manager or other appropriate people within your organisation and encourage others to utilise the coaching process for individual and organisational development.