Code of Conduct

The Coaching Network expects their coaches to maintain a high standard of coaching practice. All coaches are required to work to the following Code of Conduct which has been adapted from the Association for Coaching Code of Ethics and Good Practice and is consistent with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council's Code of Practice.

  1. North West Employers will co-ordinate and oversee the operation of the Coaching Network. Coaches are required to update the database concerning their availability for coaching, dates of meetings with clients, records of all coaching meetings (in conjunction with clients), and complete feedback and evaluation forms as requested. This is to ensure that the Coaching Network is operating effectively and to support the future development of coaching within the region.
  2. Once the coach has been approached and has accepted a client for coaching, it is the coach's responsibility to update the database with all relevant information and to maintain this throughout the coaching relationship.
  3. Members of the Coaching Network are not allowed to coach to generate income or to generate other business via the network. Any coach found doing this will automatically be removed from the coaching database.
  4. Coaches are required to recognise both personal and professional limitations:
    • Personal – with respect to maintaining their own good health and fitness to practice. Should this not be the case, coaches must inform North West Employers and withdraw from practice until such time as they are fit to resume. If a coach is currently coaching, their client will be offered an alternative coach.
    • Professional – with respect to whether their experience is appropriate to meet the client's requirements. When this is not the case, clients should be referred to other appropriate services e.g. counsellors, psychotherapists or other specialist services. Coaches can seek advice from and inform North West Employers of any action taken (without the need to disclose confidential information). In particular, coaches are required to be sensitive to the possibility that some clients will require more psychological support than is normally available within the coaching remit. In these cases, referral should be made to an appropriate source of care e.g. the clients G.P, a counsellor or psychotherapist, psychological support services or agencies.
  5. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that clients are fully informed of the coaching contract, Terms and Conditions, and any evaluation processes, prior to or at the initial session. It is important to ensure that the coach is fully aware of matters including confidentiality and the commitment to attend the agreed sessions.
  6. Coaches are required to be frank and willing to respond to their client's requests for information about the methods, techniques and ways in which the coaching process will be conducted. This should be done both prior to the contracting stage and through out the coaching contract.
  7. Coaches must be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender, race and diversity. If coaches require any additional support or information, North West Employers will endeavour to support coaches by researching and providing information or support on request.
  8. Coaches must respect the right of the client to terminate coaching at any point during the coaching process. North West Employers must be advised if this occurs.
  9. Coaches are required to maintain records of their work with clients via the confidential section of the database, ensuring that records are accurate and kept securely by the coach. The client will have access to these records in accordance with their rights under current legislation and should inform the Coaching Network Co-ordinator and their coach should they wish to view them at any time.
  10. Coaches are required to maintain the quality of their work and to utilise feedback wherever possible from clients and their organisations.
  11. Coaches are required to undertake regular supervision at least twice annually.
  12. Coaches are required to undertake continuing professional development in the theory and practice of coaching.
  13. Coaches are required to keep themselves informed of any statutory legal requirements that may affect their coaching work.
  14. Coaches are required to ensure that they have ongoing approval from their employing organisation to operate as an external coach within the Coaching Network so that they are covered by their organisation's Professional Liability Insurance. It is important to note that a coach who does not comply with this Code of Conduct (particularly in relation to 3 above) will not be covered by their organisation's Professional Liability Insurance.
  15. Coaches are required to consider the impact of any dual relationship that they may hold with regard to their clients and/or their sponsoring organisations.
  16. Coaches must not engage in any media or publicity concerning the Coaching Network without the express permission of North West Employers.
  17. Coaches must adhere to the Coaching Network complaints procedure and agree that any complaints made against them will be dealt with through this procedure.
  18. Coaches must act at all times in a manner that does not bring the coaching profession, the Coaching Network or their own organisation into disrepute. In particular, coaches must at all times respect the confidentiality of the coaching process only disclosing information with the express permission of the client, unless their professional concern for the welfare of the client or the organisation in which they work can justify such disclosure.