What are the benefits of coaching?

One of the leading experts on coaching, John Whitmore, describes the benefits of coaching as:

  • improved performance and productivity
  • staff development
  • improved learning
  • improved relationships
  • more creative ideas
  • better use of people, skills and resources
  • greater flexibility and adaptability to change
  • increased motivation
  • culture change
  • life skills

Also producing organisational benefits such as:

  • reinforcing organisational culture and values
  • employees deliver to their potential
  • better communications at all levels
  • greater initiative taking
  • aligns personal and organisational aims, interests and values
  • creates a better working atmosphere

It is said that where coaching is fully integrated into the culture and used well it can have the effect of changing the way the whole organisation interacts with its staff and its customers leading to improved organisational performance and the unleashing of previously untapped potential.